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Have you hit the wall in your trading and investing? Frustrated over your consistency and results?



Whether you are a seasoned trader or someone learning the ropes, you can be personally helped by none other than the master trader and portfolio manager Rizwan Memon. He can help you break through mental blocks, bad habits, inconsistent results and whatever else that may be hampering your true potential. He will do this by:

1. Going through your experiences in the financial markets and getting an understanding of the type of trader that you are; this is done by analyzing your trading style (day trading, swing trading, long term holdings etc.), risk tolerance and preferred methods of analysis (technical’s and/or fundamentals).

2. He will carefully quantify and understand what challenges and barriers you are facing in your trading and map out a trading plan that is specific to you.

3. After monitoring your trading results, He will fill any gaps that are present and develop strategies that can provide you with the results you are after

4. Last but not least, you will both monitor and oversee your results over a set period of time and make sure everything that was implemented is working as expected

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